Asheville Exposé is an anonymous website, started by a local worker, to be a clearinghouse of information and greater transparency about Asheville area employers, for the mutual benefit of local workers (and consumers). Asheville is an area that attracts scores of young and creative people, but as a city with a largely service-based economy, high unemployment, a constant swell of newcomers and the low worker protection of a right-to-work state, the workplace environment is rife with exploitation.

In a town where many employers have a backlog of resumes as thick as a phone book, workers are often reluctant to advocate for themselves and their co-workers, even when their legal rights are clearly being violated, or an injustice is taking place. Many businesses get a great deal of mileage marketing themselves as “sustainable, local, ultra-green” without passing on those benefits to workers. Workers have few resources other than traditional networking to determine which workplace is a good fit, and consumers may wish to know, for example, that their favorite restaurant turns out to be an excruciating place to work.

Asheville Exposé makes itself available as a resource to share information and provide a place where workers can anonymously call out employers who are violating our rights and rate employers and workplaces. We believe that greater transparency benefits the entire community, helping to create an environment that is worker-friendly, and thus, truly sustainable.

To use Asheville Exposé, simply email (create an anonymous email address if need be) ashevilleexpose@gmail.com with the relevant information, which will then be posted. Businesses will be searchable via “tags” at the foot of each post and on the sidebar of the website. Eventually we hope to make this website a resource as useful as Yelp or Trip Advisor. Please feel free to make suggestions for additional uses for this Asheville Exposé (organizing hub, legal information, links to other similar websites, etc).